we love to play golf, we play all around the world
we play Social Golf
we are the Zingaro Tour Association

About ZingaroTour

We are a group of golf players living in Rome but we have friends also in other countries. We have a Yahoo Group check it to join the mailing list.

We have also a Facebook page, go to visit it follow us and say you like it!

In the Yahoo group we have a mailing list but recently we prefere to get in touch using chats like Whatsapp and Telegram, ask our contacts to be invited.

Finally we have this web site. This is only the static part of the contents. There's also an interactive section to record golf rounds, tournaments and stats.

Play with us and enjoy golf!

Tournaments Archive

This the History of our group, starts here to review the ZT tournaments.

Visit Archive Page

Contact zingarotour.org

Feel free to leave us a comment on our organization or even better to say others how much you like to play with us!